CBD Tincture Sample Pack


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Sample Each CBD Oil or Personalize Your Daily Wellness Regiment

500mg, 0.5oz Tinctures of each of our natural CBD oils are available to test your take on CBD wellness products. CBD Oil tinctures are the most versatile CBD product with a convenient dropper and individualized dosing opportunities you’re set to find the right CBD for your daily wellness routine.


Try all three!


See individual products for detailed ingredients and descriptions.

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Be picky. Try all of our CBD Tinctures first.

Yep, it’s brilliant. You can sample each variation! 500mg, 0.5oz Tinctures of each of our actually natural CBD oils. Typically, beginners try THC-Free first, then CBD Distillate, then Full Spectrum but each individual is unique and your dosing will be too. The type of CBD you choose is totally dependent on your desires as well as your body chemistry.

Remember, not every supplement works the exact way for everybody so make sure you’re testing the type, dosage, and frequency of your daily dosing. It will take time to find the right routine but once you do, you’ll never turn back!


Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500mg – our most robust profile

CBD Distillate Oil 500mg  – stacked with distilled CBD benefits 

THC-Free CBD Oil 500mg – for those just starting out

Actually natural CBD products, every time.

That’s it!



Maybe CBD Oil Tinctures aren’t for you. No worries – we have an array of CBD products that fit any lifestyle. Athletes and gym rats alike love our CBD Sticks for post-workout recovery.

Try our CBD Bath Salts for a relaxing treat at the end of a long week.  Plus, CBD Oil Tinctures are a helpful daily addition to your wellness routine.


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