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Our Best CBD Products – Try them all!

A selection of each of our products, nicely packaged in one simple box. Experience different variations of CBD products and find what works best for you.

What is included: (CBD Strength)

  • Bath Salts (200mg) – Full body coverage, relax sore muscles, and reduce inflammation.
  • CBD Oil Tincture (500mg) – A half bottle of our 1,000mg Tincture. Add CBD to your favorite beverage, mixed it with your lotion, or put it right under your tongue. Use consistently for best results.
  • Pain Stick (250mg/500mg) – Apply directly to your skin for contact relief.
  • Lip Balm (50mg) – Natural SPF, soothes and protects lips.
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Try The Elan Naturals CBD Sample Box

You can sample different variations of CBD products in the form of:

Bath Salts – Our CBD Bath Salts are formulated with simple ingredients like moisturizing coconut oil, and Epsom salt, and can benefit the skin and provide a relaxing bathing experience. Do feet hurt after a long day? Add some of our bath salts to a foot soak tub or foot massage machine and reduce the inflammation while increasing blood flow to help get relief on your feet.

CBD Oil Tincture – Simple, easy to take, and great tasting, our CBD Oil Tinctures are a secret weapon to your wellness routine. Choose from Full Spectrum, Distillate, or THC-Free versions to decide which version works best for you.

Pain Stick – Our CBD pain stick helps reduce inflammation, relieves joint and muscle pain, and supports healthy joint and muscle function. Quick and easy, no mess application allows you to find relief while you are on the go. Keep it in your pocket, gym bag, purse, etc so it is always handy when you need it.

CBD Gummies – Quick, easy, and great tasting, our CBD gummies provide the convenience of our high-quality CBD THC-Free oil without the hassle of dosing like a tincture. Each gummy is 25mg of CBD to easily get your daily dosage correct and it comes in great flavors like Orange and Pineapple. Pop two gummies and head out the door to start your day or take two with dinner to help prepare your body for sleep.

Lip Balm – Our CDB Lip Balm is a unique blend of nourishing oils like organic coconut and sunflower oil, and keeps your lips silky, smooth, and soft, regardless of the weather or workout. Choose between vanilla, peppermint, and mint mojito lip balm flavors.

  • 5 different CBD products

  • Great for daily wellness and self-care routine

  • Easily try a variety of CBD variations to determine what is best for you

  • Nicely packaged in one simple box


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