CBD Bath Salts

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Bath Salts are a great way to wind down; soak in hot water full of essential oils, moisturizing coconut oil, and Epsom salt.


Relax Scent: Chill out after a long day on the slopes or the trails in a hot tub full of CBD Bath Salts and as much water as you’d like!

Sinus Scent: Awaken your sinuses with the invigorating aroma of peppermint and eucalyptus.

Rose Scent: The comforting care of Rosehip Extract powder provides a soft red color. NOT artificial coloring, ick! Try our relaxing blend of  peppermint and rosehip seed oil.

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Ready to try our CBD Bath Salts?

Our CBD Bath Salts are specially formulated for a full-body, relaxing CBD experience. Formulated with only the ingredients necessary. Nothing else.

A simple Epsom Salt is used as a base for exfoliation. Organic coconut oil is used for skin care benefits. The fatty acids found in coconut oil also are known for their antimicrobial factors that can help with acne and protect the skin from bacteria.  Finally, our natural CBD oil is added into the mix and the formula is perfected!



Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, and Corn Starch 

Coconut Oil 

Essential Oil Blend  

CO2 Extracted CBD Distillate  

That’s it!


Our Bath Salt Scents:

Relax – Lavender and rosemary lull even the most overactive brain into a state of chill. When inhaled, Rosemary may help relieve pain associated with migraine headaches. The soothing smell of lavender will help you off to sleep.

Sinus – Peppermint and eucalyptus oil has shown to provide anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities. Eucalyptus oil helps to cleanse your body of toxins and other microorganisms as well as allows better oxygen flow in your lungs by opening blood vessels. Peppermint oil has been shown to stimulate blood circulation to help oxygenate the body and brain and increase your metabolism.

Rose – Rosehip Extract powder provides a soft red color. NOT artificial coloring, ick! This scent is blended with peppermint and rosehip seed oil.  Rosehip is the fruit of the rose plant, it is high in vitamin C as well as 32 other vitamins and minerals including calcium, beta carotene, niacin, and vitamin A. Vitamin C contains natural antioxidant properties to improve elasticity and has anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve muscle aches and discomfort. Our Rose Bath Salts scent promise a luscious feeling to your skin and aromatherapy benefits to your nose.



Start filling bath tub with water at your desired temperature. Add bath salts. Zone out of your stressors and hone in on relaxation. Soak in a tub for up to 30 minutes. Relax. 

Please be careful so you do not slip when getting out of the tub. ⚠️


Not into CBD Bath Salts?:

Maybe CBD Bath Salts aren’t for you. No worries – we have an array of CBD products that fit any lifestyle. Athletes and gym rats alike love our CBD Sticks. 

Our CBD Lip Balm is available with natural SPF for a smooth lip solution.  Plus, CBD Oil Tinctures are great for daily drops.


Most Relaxing Gift Ever: CBD Bath Salts

Yes, they will LOVE it! Nothing says “I love you” like a little self care present. Or, hey, treat yourself! You deserve it.

Each aromatherapy scent is specially curated for the mental state you’re in and we know that varies on the hour somedays! We now offer the ability to purchase any of our CBD Bath Salt scents in multiples – or try each scent.

1 review for CBD Bath Salts

  1. Kim Bey

    Love these!! It’s great after a long work day ! These salts are soooo aromatic!! And leave your skin so soft! Love each fragrance!!

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