Actually Natural CBD

with organic ingredients

Why do we call it actually natural CBD?

Simply put – because we’re adamantly transparent about being the premium CBD lab that doesn’t incorporate unnecessary additives that can cause harmful reactions to CBD consumers. We use the bare minimum of ingredients in our botanical solutions so you can reap the benefits of a clean, actually natural cannabis-based wellness product. No funky junk added without need.

Aren’t all cannabidiol products actually natural?

Not all!

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the primary compound found in hemp. It was first isolated from the plant in 1940, but recorded use of the Cannabis plant itself dates back to Asia as far as 12,000 years ago. From the anti-drug coalition of the 60’s to today’s affinity for plant-based medicinal alternatives – the cannabis plant has provided a plethora of wellness benefits found from nationally funded studies.

In 2018, Congress approved the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, better known as The Farm Bill  which created clear definitions and regulations for the Department of Agriculture farmers who wanted to grow Hemp. In recent years the Hemp and CBD industry has been booming with many people choosing CBD oil as a natural alternative to common pharmaceuticals.

The race to market with false-claims and unsubstantiated statements made by many plant-focused wellness companies have overwhelmingly overtaken then public’s knowledge of what is “good CBD” so we are making it our mission to educate and provide actually natural CBD for actually natural results.

A Certificate of Analysis Ensures Clean CBD, Every Time

We aim to be transparent in our CBD lab, always. We ensure a Certificate of Analysis for each product lot and are happy to share the results of third-party testing for our products.

A COA is a verified document that provides details about the testing lab, the brand and product question, along with the potency of the ingredients the actually natural CBD product contains. These ingredients refer to cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG and CBN. COAs may also include terpenes, which are the aromatic ingredients that contribute to the product’s scent, flavor and therapeutic profile.

In addition to the potency of ingredients, the COA is vital for consumers to determine whether or not the actually natural CBD product is free from harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, molds and bacteria. USDA and State guidelines require that all actually natural CBD products be tested. If there is no COA available – we do not recommend that you consume CBD product.

We Actually Use Natural Ingredients Only


The FDA regulations are already tough on us. We do our best to stay aligned with the best practices in seed to sale agricultural processes. However, the latest update from Congress states that the FDA does need more time to develop a process to fully regulate the system. Until then, we’re keeping it cool with natural ingredients only.

Keeping Nature in Natural Products

At Elan Naturals we think its really important to keep natural remedies natural, and that’s why we made sure to include it in our name. We keep a high standard for every part of our process to ensure our products are kept as natural as possible.

All of our starting hemp plant material is sourced from local certified farmers in Colorado. The material is organically grown with zero non-organic pesticides or herbicides, and in accordance with state law it undergoes a rigorous 150-count pesticide panel, heavy metals testing, microbial and mold testing, mycotoxins testing, and a full cannabinoid profile test. If the material passes every test, we extract the CBD from the plant using Supercritical CO2 and avoid the use of any harsh chemicals like butane, propane, or methanol.

Natural Products with Purpose🌱

Our biggest rule for ingredients when we create our products is: if it doesn’t serve a necessary purpose then it should not be in product. This is why we don’t have any artificial coloring in our bath salts (the pink coloring of the Rose CBD Bath Salt is completely natural with rose powder!) and no fake hardeners in our CBD Sticks like many other companies in the CBD world.

Every ingredient we use is certified organic outside of a couple exceptions: the base for our gummies, which we source specifically to make sure they will not go stale before you finish enjoying them, and our bath salt’s baking soda, which is an inorganic compound that cannot be certified as organic so we use a pure food-grade variant instead.

Why Choose Elan Naturals CBD?

Elan Naturals CBD products come from Colorado Certified Industrial Hemp.  From Plant to Product, we control every aspect of production to ensure the highest quality products.

Our collection includes a variety of CBD products to power individuals seeking greater wellness and their Natural Elan.

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