Pet CBD Tinctures


Pet-Friendly CBD oil with Cod Liver flavoring that your furry friends will love!

Treat your pet to the benefits of CBD and add some from our pet tincture to Fido’s food or even just as a treat. Our Pet CBD oils are made from the finest Colorado-grown hemp, are 100% natural, third-party lab tested, and contain naturally retained terpenes and fatty acids. Naturally flavored with organic Cod Liver Oil, our Pet CBD oil can be added to your furry friend’s food, serve as a tasty treat, or even put right in their mouth.

Many veterinarians suggest that CBD oil for pets can help aid in pain relief, related to inflammation. For aging pet lovers, you know how inflammation around joints can affect your pet’s quality of life – CBD oil for pets can help improve your baby’s mobility. 

Each Pet CBD tincture is available in 300mg or 600mg to improve your buddy’s best wellness routine.

Try a CBD Oil Tincture for yourself and relax now. You’re both in good hands.

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Ready to try our Pet CBD For Your Furry Friend?

The bow wow and meows have been heard – our pet CBD products are here and absolutely a game changer for aging pets with achy joints and sore muscles from the daily hustle. Our tasty alternative to the average CBD pet product uses organic Cod Liver Oil for a real meaty taste that your pet will happily scarf down! CBD for pets induces similar ease of anxiety and calmness to help your pal relax when you’re away from home or during long car rides. Not to mention, the same anti-inflammatory properties are persistent in pet products, too.

Your furry friend will love the Pet CBD Oil from Elan Naturals!


Organic MCT Oil  – promotes healthy fat absorption and joint fluidity 
CO-2 Extracted CBD Distillate (Certified Industrial Hemp) – consistent usage prevents joint deterioration and improves mobility over time
Organic Cod Liver Oil – well, because it’s delicious (for four-pawed customers only)

300mg: 375mg Distillate / 0.0mg THC total / 0.0mg THC per 1 ml

That’s it!



Our truest form of natural CBD is formulated for your pet. Add this oil to their food, put it on their favorite treat, or even put it directly into their mouth.

Please consult a veterinarian to determine if our products are right for your buddy. 


Your pet will be so impressed with our products, you’ll never hear the end of it. No worries – we have an array of CBD products that fit any human’s lifestyle, too. Athletes and gym rats alike love our CBD Pain Sticks for post-workout recovery. Try our CBD Bath Salts for a relaxing treat at the end of a long week.  Plus, CBD Oil Tinctures are a helpful daily addition to your wellness routine.


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