CBD Lip Balm


Did you know that the skin on your lips is the thinnest on your face and it is loaded with cannabinoid receptors?

Our CBD Lip Balms provide a buttery smooth relief to dry lips.  Plus, the organic coconut oil provides a natural SPF to protect your lips from the sun. These CBD lip balms contain a mix of organic coconut and sunflower oil and a touch of honey to calm, soothe and prep your lips for puckering!

Our CBD lip balm is the perfect mix of moisturizing and relief, handmade with you in mind.

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Ready to try our CBD Lip Balm?

You’ve heard all the rage about CBD products but have you tried a CBD lip balm before? Our specially formulated lip care line offers a protective coat against the elements and harsh weather plus an enjoyable flavor that will take you anywhere you need to go, for a brief mental escape, that is.

Since the skin covering your lips is so thin, you’re able to feel the relief on contact. Plus, it tastes so good – you’ll actually finish the entire tube for once! Try all three flavors and keep a tube in every room. You’ll want to keep this lip balm close for frequent use. It’s just that good.

Vanilla Honey CBD Lip Balm

Our Vanilla Honey CBD lip balms contain CBD distillate oil and other natural ingredients to protect your lips against dryness and discomfort.  Locally sourced from Denver, Colorado– the beeswax added to our formula helps by creating a protective barrier to defeat chapped lips.

Vanilla Honey CBD lip balm tastes like pure simplicity and an easy Saturday morning tied into one. Relax into your tasks and top your lips with the moisturizing Vanilla Honey CBD lip balm.

Peppermint Honey CBD Lip Balm

Our Peppermint Honey CBD lip balms contain CBD distillate oil and other natural ingredients to shield your lips against dryness and discomfort. Locally sourced from Denver, Colorado— the beeswax added to our formula helps by creating a protective barrier against chapped lips. The Peppermint Honey aroma ignites energy into your day with one swift sniff.

Mint Mojito CBD Lip Balm

Our Mint Mojito CBD lip balms are the perfect antidote to chapped lips. Made with an organic beeswax base and infused with our popular CBD oil, these balms also contain various natural ingredients to shield your lips against inflammation and discomfort. Our lip balms are locally sourced from Denver, Colorado, and available in a citrus lime flavor with a hint of garden mint.

In the case of unnecessary drama, break out the mint mojito CBD lip balm and escape to your inner beach.


Beeswax –  beneficial for soothing chapped or irritated lips + keeps your balm in the tube tight

Coconut Oil – locks in moisture for dry lips 

Sunflower Oil – limits dryness and retains moisture with a protective barrier 

Natural Flavors – because plain is lame

CO2-Extracted CBD Distillate  –  anti-inflammatory properties heal beat-up lips from the cold weather with a calming disposition 

63mg Distillate / 3mg THC


That’s it!



Apply to your lips. Reapply as needed. Chill out. Pucker up. You know the drill… Enjoy!



Maybe CBD Lip Balms aren’t for you. No worries – we have an array of CBD products that fit any lifestyle. Athletes and gym rats alike love our CBD Sticks for post-workout recovery.

Try our CBD Bath Salts for a relaxing treat at the end of a long week.  Plus, CBD Oil Tinctures are a helpful daily addition to your wellness routine.


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