Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures


Our most comprehensive CBD tincture, minimally processed, and only two ingredients.

Our Full Spectrum CBD oils is created using CO2-extracted CBD extract and diluted with organic MCT oil to make it easier to consume and digest. That’s it! No other ingredients, fillers, flavoring, or chemicals are added, providing the simplest, most natural CBD possible.

Available in both our standard 1,000mg CBD and our extra-strength 2,000mg.

Handmade with love by real people so you know you’re getting a pristinely clean CBD oil every time you buy from us.

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Ready to try our Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures?

Our Full Spectrum CBD oil is the least refined variation of concentrate. It contains all of the hemp plant’s natural terpenes, cannabinoids, vitamins, plant oils, and antioxidants. Once extracted, we have two steps of processing: We remove any natural plant wax that .ay have extracted alongside the oil from the hemp plant material, and we dilute it in organic MCT oil to make it easier to consume,



Organic MCT Oil and CO2-extracted Full Spectrum CBD Oil.


That’s it!


1,000mg: 1,540mg Oil / 41.5mg THC Total / 1.4mg THC per 1ml

2,000mg: 3,080mg Oil / 83.0mg THC Total / 2.8mg THC per 1ml



Add this CBD oil to your favorite beverage, coffee, or protein shake, mix into your favorite lotion, or put it directly under your tongue for the quickest absorption.


Maybe CBD oil tinctures aren’t for you. No worries – we have an array of CBD products that fit any lifestyle. Athletes and gym rats alike love our CBD  Sticks for post-workout recovery.

Our CBD Lip Balm is available with natural SPF for a smooth chapped-lip solution. Plus, the CBD Bath Salts are a relaxing treat for anybody after a hard day’s work.


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