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Is Pet CBD Your Buddy's New BFF?


Pet CBD is your new secret weapon for keeping your pet sane when the wretched M-A-I-L-M-A-N shows up.

Yeah, we spelled it out because we didn’t want to trigger any floppy ears, in-case you’re reading out loud! As pet lovers ourselves, we know what it’s like when you can’t even utter the word “walk‘ without the tails wagging and whining starting up.

Over-excitement. Uncertainty. Nerves.

All calmed with Pet CBD. ✅

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Pet Relief is Here

– Elan Naturals actually natural CBD

We know how hard it is to see your pet in pain. Whether they’re anxious, achy, or just not feeling their best, we want to give you the tools you need to help them feel better.

With Elan Naturals Pet CBD, you can provide your pet with natural plant properties right where they need it—directly in their food bowl or make homemade treats for them! Our actually natural CBD is made sans THC and available in 300mg and 600mg doses so you can find the amount that works best for your pet’s needs.

Our formula uses natural plant properties direct for relief, so there are no harsh chemicals or additives that could cause unwanted side effects.

Plus, our line of products always opt for the most natural source of ingredients like Organic MCT Oil, CO² Extracted CBD Distillate Oil and Organic Cod Liver Oil (for four-pawed customers only). 

CBD FYP- For Your Pal


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